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Lauren Thomson Studio

Lauren Thomson creates unique artwork out of encaustic, natural fibers, wood and various other mixed media, developing forms that do not follow any logical criteria, but are based only on subjective associations rooted in her lifelong obsession with color and patterns and tactile sensations. And shiny things. By focusing on several contrasting techniques and materials, she often creates distinctly non-identical familiar works.

She is firmly committed to the Japanese concept of 侘寂 (wabi-sabi), including authentic expression, natural materials, rough edges, imperfect finishes, even (almost) deliberate flaws.

Lauren Thomson was educated at the University of Pennsylvania where she earned a BA in English Literature, and studied for many years at the Maryland Institute College of Art, in its now defunct but once spectacular Metals/Jewelry program. She also makes websites, logos and signage through her company Lauren Thomson Design.

  • Fiber Arts
814 I Street, Salida, Colorado 81201, USA

Portfolio of Images

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